Bt chat notifier - BLE scanner App Reviews

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Not a fan

Somebody on a video said this would pair a Q18 smart watch to my iPhone 7. Doesn’t work. So if anyone comes here from that video hopefully you see this prior to app purchase. It literally just sits in scan mode forever and never picks anything up.


App didn’t work at all

Do not waste your $$$

This app would not find my watch. Waste of money... how can I get refunded?!

Never again

Doesn’t work at all won’t find my watch. This app is a waste of money

Not happy

Doesn’t work


Can’t get it to work but the first guy said he did but idk about that


Worst app! I want my money back! This is pointless! Not even having my devices show up nor connecting to anything

Needs work

This app news improvement. I download it for the first time and I was okay I heard lots of good reviews so I’m like okay I’ll get it so when I got it after a while it got disconnected I requested a refund so I hope it goes through and I can get my money back. Sense I request the refund I’m still trying to get it to work and it started to work again the next minute or two before this review then it got disconnected again. I’m am not okay with getting a smart watch that can connect with apple etc but is made for android and you got to pay 4.99 just to get an app it asks you to download on an android device it’s totally free I downloaded from my brothers phone and tested it and it work. I know apple is just trying to make a profit but some price on the App Store is ridiculous . I went to this color thing and I can’t color anything because it asks me for a subscription that’s is 49.99 are you kidding me I mean really apple. You have million of dollars making apple products iPhone 6s iPhone 8 iPhonex which is very expensive however you could lower some prices on some of the apps . That’s my rant I hope you could review this and take word on what you can do to improve.


I want a refund tried for 3 hours to get it to link. Definitely will be contacting apple about this app


I can’t get this to connect to my watch. How do i get a refund


I can't get this App to connect my watch. What a waste of money

Wouldn’t locate my device

I tried for over an hour but the app never located by device. How can i get a refund?

Awesome App

I was able to transfer data from device to smart watch using bluetooth. One of the best apps out there.

Awesome and Useful Application

Great app to scan and connect to bluetooth devices.

Cool App!

My smart watch keep asking to install bt notifier app. I have enabled my device to send notifications. Now I am able to receive notifications on my smart watch. So far so good.

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